The Delaware Headwaters Charge has brought together Bloomville UMC, Conesville Chapel, Gilboa UMC, Harpersfield UMC, Hobart UMC, First Presbyterian Church/Stamford UMC, and Township UMC under the direction of Pastor Dawn Richard and Pastor Peggy Laemmel. We are happy to have you as a member or a visitor to our churches.  God has been doing wonderful things in our communities . . . we invite you to come, share in the fellowship, take root, and grow with us.

Each Church is Individual and Autonomous,
But We Work Together As One

Together we worship God and discover opportunities for service,
spirtual growth and fellowship. As we celebrate and grow together in faith,
through worship, prayer, music and service, we invite you to join us in shining God's light into the world!

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Bloomville UMC

35 Church St
Bloomville, NY 13739
Phone: (607) 538-9440
Pastor Peg: (914) 584-5221
Worship: 10am


Conesville Chapel

1295 NY 990V
Gilboa, NY 12076
Phone: (607) 588-4200
Pastor Dawn: (405) 808-4407
Worship: Worship: 1st & 3rd Sundays at 4pm


Gilboa UMC

199 NY 990V, PO Box 93
Gilboa, NY 12076
Pastor Dawn: (405) 808-4407
Worship: 9am


Harpersfield UMC

343 Col Harper Dr, PO Box 222
Harpersfield, NY 13786
Pastor Dawn: (405) 808-4407
Worship: 6pm Thursdays


Hobart UMC

204 Maple Ave, PO Box 205
Hobart, NY 13788
Phone: (607) 538-9691
Pastor Peg: (914) 584-5221
Worship: 11:15am


Township UMC

3835 Town Brook Rd
Township, NY 13788
Phone: (607) 538-9691
Pastor Peg: (914) 584-5221
Worship: 8:30am


First Presbyterian Church of Stamford
& Stamford UMC

96 Main St.
Stamford, NY 12167
Phone: (607) 652–7242
Pastor Dawn: (405) 808-4407
Worship: 10:15am


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